Before we talk details, let's chat about who this Cleanse is really for...

✚ Have you been feeling like it's time to focus on your foundational health? Do you have that urgency poking you in the gut a bit telling you, "Now is the time! It's time to do something"?

✚ Have you been having trouble sleeping? Has it been hard to fall asleep, stay asleep or to get good sleep? Or all of the above?

✚ How about nervousness and anxiety? Are there particular points in the day when it seems to get worse? How about late afternoon?

✚ Is "brain fog" a regular thing for you? Do you struggle to focus or to find the right words at times? 

✚ Are you having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning? Are you feeling exhausted by late afternoon, but then you seemingly get a "second wind" around 9 or 10pm?

✚ Are you experiencing significant PMS symptoms -- moodiness, fatigue, headaches, painful cramping, etc.? Are you battling known hormone imbalances?

✚ Has your digestion been "off" or "noisy?" Do you just know you need to make some dietary adjustments to get things flowing right again?


✚ Have you been diagnosed with (or do you strongly suspect) imbalances in your digestion and/or hormones, and conventional approaches to reach balance haven't quite gotten the job done?

✚ Are you dealing with a chronic condition and wondering whether cleaning up your diet and leaning into a natural, holistic approach could really help?

✚ Do you have a history of hearing, "We can see from these test results that something is wrong, but we don't know what the root cause is, or how to fix it, so here's the best we can do," as they hand you a prescription to deal with just the symptoms?

✚ Have you been battling the weight loss mountain and wondering why nothing seems to be working even after years of giving it your all?

✚ Or are you just ready to make your foundational health a priority so you can stop relying on an allopathic approach to healing and wellness that, at best, reads like a pharma commercial with way more weird side effects than desired benefits?

If you said yes to one or more of these questions, you're in the right place, and I'm going to show you how The Beacon Cleanse can take you where you've been wanting to go all along!

The Beacon Cleanse

and here's what you'll get: 


A Structured, Simple To Follow 6-Week Plan Designed to Help You Up-Level Your Foundational Health and Find a Lifestyle Flow For The Long Run

  • Prep Week, happening the week prior to the official start date of the 6-week program, is the optional (but strongly encouraged) "on ramp" that prepares you to jump into the full program with both feet, ready to succeed. Prep Week includes strategies for ramping down consumption of certain foods the program omits, provides suggestions for preparing your pantry and kitchen for the Cleanse, and shares general wisdom for how to set yourself up to have a successful experience.
  • The 6-Week Plan, the main focus of the program, is comprised of a series of "omits, adds and amp ups" introduced on Day 1 of the program and maintained throughout the program. These cover anything from certain foods to supplements to other lifestyle habits. At the beginning of the program a "Daily Target Score" is calculated, and each day performance will be tracked and measured against your target score. Symptoms are tracked once per week so you can see your real-time progress.
  • Reintroduction Week, happening the week immediately following the 6-week program, is where you'll learn how to reintroduce omitted foods in a specific sequence and way, so you'll be able to determine how those foods really affect you on a daily basis.  During Reintroduction Week we will also discuss how to design your own "lifestyle program" that you'll transition to as you exit The Beacon Cleanse.


The Tools & Resources You Need to Work the Program & See Results

  • Comprehensive Prep Week  to Get You Ready; 
  • Detailed Program Guide;
  • Program Journal (printable);
  • Daily Target Score Tracker;
  • Symptom & Success Tracker;
  • Meal Planning Templates;
  • Sample 2-Week Menu Plan;
  • Sampling of Recipes From Menu Plan;
  • Guided Reintroduction Week Training;
  • Tutorial for Using a Habit Tracker to Track Program Progress;
  • A Supportive (online) Community of Like-Minded Individuals;
  • And Engaging Group Coaching Throughout the Program!


Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions via Zoom with Erica To Get You Laser Focused On Your Progress (Q&A Session Included  Each Session)

  • These LIVE sessions will happen on Sunday evenings at 7pm ET beginning with the Sunday before Prep Week starts.
  • All LIVE Zoom sessions will be recorded and a replay will be made available in the course portal the following day.


Weekly Recorded Training Sessions Where You'll Learn About Each of the Omits, Adds & Amp Ups, As Well As the Foundational Principles of the Program

  • We'll cover the program points from the educational side to ensure you have a firm grasp of the principles for when you head back to "the real world" after the program is over.
  • Teaching notes, worksheets and other resources will accompany these learning sessions.


Mindset Sessions & Guided Bible Study to Ensure the Entirety of Your Triune Health is Addressed

  • Mindset plays a huge part in your success when doing a program like The Beacon Cleanse, so we'll dig deep into some of the faulty mindsets that can cause you to be derailed or delayed, and then we'll replace them with mindsets geared for resilience and success.
  • A guided Bible study is also included to ensure we're bringing that aspect of our being to the program.


Community Support Inside The Beacon Lifestyle Community Facebook Group

  • This is the place where you'll find encouragement, accountability and support so you can make real progress on the goals you've set for yourself during the program.
  • This is also a place where the Community shares recipes, tips and tricks with one another. The connection and collaboration found in this group is the "secret sauce" to the program's success, so don't miss out!


Specific Training on How to Transition from the Cleanse Back To a Lifestyle Diet

  • The Beacon Cleanse is not necessarily an optimal diet for you to follow for the long term. At some point you will need to take a look at your own needs to establish a sustainable diet and lifestyle.
  • The last Module of the program is designed to teach you what a lifestyle diet should look like and how to transition to a lifestyle diet without losing the results you won on the Cleanse.
  • We'll also discuss how to reintroduce any foods you will be adding back in as you transition off of the Cleanse.


Join The Beacon Cleanse Today!

Are you ready to learn how to live long enough and strong enough to do and be all God created you for? If you answered yes, this is the plan you need to make that sort of living a reality. You can do this . . . Let's Go!

 6-Week Program
with Group Coaching



Hi, I'm Erica. I'm an IBS and postpartum anxiety survivor and a big fan of holistic health approaches. Here's why . . .


For most of my life, I followed the "regular" template set out for healthcare in our culture as I saw doctor after doctor, took test after test and was prescribed medication after medication. What was particularly disturbing to me was that every doctor seemed to say the same thing to me:

"Erica, we can see something is really wrong, but we can't tell you the cause and we don't know how to fix it. So we're going to give you something to deal with the symptoms." Insert deflated emoji right here.

After the birth of my second son I suffered severe postpartum anxiety, and traditional medicine just wasn't working for me. I tried four different drugs in five different combinations over a period of six months, to no avail. My symptoms just got worse.

Right then, I decided to go on a journey with God to learn about how my body worked and what I could do -- holistically -- to heal. I began doing my own research and I found a functional medicine doctor. Together we began to unravel the horror story that had become my health status.

Over the course of two years, we determined that digestive and hormonal imbalances were deep precursors to the problems I was experiencing, and then we dug even deeper to find potential root causes. We "treated" my body with dietary adjustments, targeted supplements and a whole lot of mindset work. And I healed.


Seven years ago, I was praying and felt the Lord encourage me to get trained as a holistic health coach. Not having a whole lot of free time in that season I asked him, "Why are we investing so much to go deeper on my own health issues." He said, "We're not. I want you to learn so you can go and teach people how to live long enough and strong enough so they can do and be all I created them for." So that's what we did!

Since getting my certificate in holistic health coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2015, I've created three distinct healthy lifestyle protocols -- The Beacon Lifestyle Programs. I've run each of these programs no less than six times, and each time my students have had incredible successes. You can read about some of them below.

I'm especially excited to offer you this updated version of The Beacon Cleanse -- the signature program that started it all. We'll be employing many of the same tools and approaches  I used when I healed from chronic, digestive and hormonal imbalances years ago.

This program can work for anyone. It's simple, yet powerful and effective. I hope you decide to go along on this journey with me. I'd be honored to coach and support you through to success!

Erica Pyle, Certified Holistic Health Coach (IIN) & Program Creator


What's it like to be part of a Beacon Program?

A few thoughts from some of our alumni…


"I joined Beacon Lifestyle programs about 3 years ago and I don’t think I’ve missed one since! For me, I have gut healing and hormone imbalance issues that I’ve been working on to heal and find a new flow in. I do have a holistic doctor I work with in my home town, but Erica’s Beacon Lifestyle programs have helped me stay on track, held me accountable and have encouraged me to keep going! I love that each of the programs is customizable to my own needs. Her ability to integrate God's design for health and wellness together is like nothing I’ve ever encountered. With Beacon Lifestyle programs my life has been changed forever in that I have a new mindset and flow as I strive to do and be all that God has created me for."

- Tracey


"Erica has helped me  better understand my gut and certain food sensitivities I was experiencing. With every Beacon program I have seen tremendous breakthrough! And not just in my physical health. Yes, I got healed from lactose intolerance and I'm walking out of a wheat allergy (not a flare in years), but more than that, I'm finding healing and wholeness in all areas of my life: spirit, soul and body. That's one of the things that I find most impactful about Erica and her programs: they cover the entirety of your being. Working the programs with consistency has resulted in better physical health, but I also experienced a greater sense of freedom and lightness in other areas of life. It's never just a diet, it's a whole lifestyle!"

- Kat


"I'm a Keto Survivor! After the birth of my daughter I had a really hard time losing weight, so I tried Keto. I lost a ton of weight, my clothes fit again and, for a short time, I felt great! But over time I noticed increased anxiety and panic issues. It wasn't until I met with a holistic doctor that things started to turn. I learned about how my health and body really worked. Keto had wreaked havoc on my metabolism, but I slowly started coming around. I joined the Beacon Community in Spring 2020 and it opened the door to learning even more. I've learned the importance of daily declarations, grounding, listening to my body...the list goes on and on. Erica has taught me so much about my body and how to finally find my own flow!"

- Jessica G.


"There is something about the trust factor and the safety that is present during each one of the Beacon Lifestyle  programs that keeps me coming back each and every time they are offered. Erica creates a space where accountability and transparency feel really good. Add to that a tribe of people who are running at the same general goals as you are and you have a program that actually speaks to the inner reasons why you need this! It’s not just about losing weight. It’s about changing your life, and a changed life is absolutely possible here!"

- Jessica C.


"I've been following Beacon programs since the beginning, and through the years my understanding of nutrition and health has exponentially increased. But for me, I needed more than just knowing what to do. I needed a better why. Any changes I make in the health space are more impactful and long-lasting when I have the spiritual component in place. I've struggled with self-denial, but once I understood that God calls me to take care of my health, all of a sudden it became a priority, and I'm able and empowered to finally finish a program."

- Audette


"Since joining The Beacon Lifestyle Community, I have learned how to steward my health in the best possible way! The way Erica presents concepts and designs her programs makes a huge difference as she offers different "handles" to grab on to from the practical to the spiritual. Having a seasoned guide and a community to make these changes with takes so much of the pressure off -- you're not doing it alone! And the videos, worksheets and recipes she includes in the program are such an incredible bonus!" 

- Sadie


Are You Ready for Change?

Go on the journey with a seasoned guide and see this time around produce different results.
Jump into The Beacon Cleanse Today!

6-Week Program
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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions? We've got your answers!

Hey, Are You In?

So, is this program for you? I really believe you know the answer by now. You've read all the details, and now it's time to make your decision.

Is it time for you to commit to something that has the ability to change your life forever? Yeah, that's the potential that's sitting inside of this program you're considering. This is about learning to steward your health in such a way that you will be around -- long enough and strong enough -- to do and be all you were created for. So you can live out your purpose and destiny with power and impact. Is this something you need? What are you hearing in your heart right now?

Here's the thing: This course will be here next year. And while the pricing and point of entry may be slightly different, there will still be a way to join. So don't let the lie of scarcity drive you to impulse buy, okay?

This round of The Beacon Cleanse isn't just a "once in a lifetime" thing. It's not like you'll forever miss it if you don't join this time around. But -- and here's the thing -- you may miss it if it's really your time to make a commitment and to invest in yourself . . . and you don't.

So, the question is this: Is it your time?

Like I said, we'll be here, so if the timing isn't right for you, perhaps you wait a bit and join us the next time we run this program (likely, in 2024). And that's okay if you feel to wait. It's okay to be intentional about your focus and how you want to run your race right now.

But if you know in your heart that this is your moment and that this opportunity was made for you, then you know what to do. Jump In! Let's get to work being intentional about stewarding our foundational health and finding energy, strength, clarity and resilience as you run into your future. It's time to do and be all He created you for.

See you on the inside!

Xoxo - Erica


Do you want a program that's going to lead you into a vibrant lifestyle you can sustain for the long run? If so, The Beacon Cleanse is the program for you.


Now is the Time to Jump In!

Come be a part of something that can seriously change the trajectory of your life in just six short weeks. Are you ready to lean into a program that can produce the kind of results that can send ripples of momentum into your future? If you've read this far, I know you are. Join today and let's get started. Now is the time to invest in you!

6-Week Program
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